Best Tactical Gloves

There’s a lot that could happen when you head out for a tactical mission. There’s the good of course but then we have the bad and the ugly and this includes close and intense combats, cuts, scrapes, name it. You will be absolutely unfair to yourself if you fail to bring along some protective gear. Tactical gloves are a must on such a mission.

Your hands deserve reasonable protection and tactical gloves know how to do it right. To reset that crossbow, or swiftly operate your folding pocket knife you have no excuse not to own a pair of these gloves. Even those who look to having a nice day at their target range need it.

Overall, these are the activities that might require you to have on tactical gloves:

  • Tactical activities
  • Intense physical activities
  • Trekking
  • Crossfit
  • Mountain/hill climbing
  • Hunting
  • Cycling and motorcycle riding

However, to own a decent pair of tactical gloves that you could use in any of these situations, one needs to have knowledge of what makes a tactical glove great. Yes, that sounds like too much work, right? Well, we simplified everything for you. So read ahead to find out.

The Best Tactical Gloves

PIG Tactical Alpha Gloves

If you are after the best quality tactical gloves, the PIG Dexterity Tactical Alpha Gloves are the ones to go for. One major reason why they are highly recommended by experts is that they are made of excellent material to help you get the most out of your weapon.

Also, they feature highly in combat as they are used by soldiers worldwide. The PIG Alpha tactical gloves come in various dimensions for both men and women outlined in the PIG chart

Unlike many of the other tactical gloves, the PIG dexterity gloves have been fitted with a conductive material on the thumb and trigger finger. This allows the weapon to be discharged with complete precision as you have a complete grip on it.

You can even use a touch screen without removing the gloves and you won’t struggle with the screen.

Mechanix Tactical M-Pact Cyote Gloves

Coming from a respected name in the world of tactical gear, these gloves have garnered critical acclaim for their durability and toughness. Although they are lightweight, you can use gloves manufactured by mechanix for more than a year without needing to replace them.

These gloves come fitted with the coyote tan hand protection which has been designed for military use to protect Special Forces in the desert and other rugged environments.

On top of that, they are made with breathable TrekDry technology which conforms to your hand and aids in keeping the back of your hand cool in extreme weather.

What’s more, they come fitted with a TPR wrist closure which provides ample protection with an effortless fit to the wrist.

5.11 Tactical Station Grip Gloves

best tactical gloves

Produced by a company recognized for creating state-of-the- art tactical equipment, law enforcement uniforms and accessories used in combat and out in the field, the 5.11 tactical station grip glove offers the same qualities to civilians.

The company markets the tactical gear sold to the military and other law enforcements to civilians allowing everybody to enjoy the top notch ability of their equipment.

5.11 is the highest difficulty level in rock climbing. The creator of these gloves, Royal Robin, saw the need to develop tactical gear that could handle rugged outdoors. The gloves are made of a synthetic material which is adequately breathable.

The fingers and palms of the gloves are reinforced to offer added protection to the padding.

HWI Hard Knuckle Tactical Gloves

HWI HKTG 100 Hard Knuckle Tactical Gloves

One thing you will the most about these hard knuckle gloves is the absolute protection they provide when out in the field.

Among the few tactical gloves that feature hard knuckles for added protection, these are the ideal gloves for high impact and extreme tactical operations.

They are made from high-grade thick aniline goatskin of 8.8mm.

The palm is made of leather which has been reinforced to temper the luxurious feel of leather with durability.

Their knuckle guard is tear proof and fire proof. As such even when in use in on extreme terrains they will serve and keep your hands safe from injury. The leather featured on the palm still allows you to have good traction and is also weatherproof.

Tactical Glove Buyers Guide


Tactical gloves come in different materials and what’s best for you will depend on your specific tactical situation. Most tactical combat gloves are made out of nylon mesh. It’s lightweight, flexible and does its job so well. Tactical shooting gloves come in a relatively tough material due to the high impacts involved, for instance, during shooting or hill climbing with ropes. They allow for a firmer grip and offer the needed protection against intense impacts.


The majority of the tactical combat gloves are designed to offer full cover to your entire hand. This helps to keep your hands safe from injuries, abrasions or other forms of harm. However, when it comes to shooting, this design may not be effective for the reason that they aren’t practical. That’s why shooting gloves bear a fingerless design to allow you to swiftly operate your gun while protecting you against the high impacts.


Padding differs based on use and design. Tactical gloves bear very little padding compared to tactical shooting gloves. But usually, the area beyond the top of the fingers come with a little more padding for protection purposes compared to the rear side which has the least padding. However, the tactical shooting gloves come fully padded and this is due to the extreme impacts involved. Alternatively, you have the option to choose based on where you require the most padding. The three main options include:

  • Finger reinforcements
  • Palm reinforcements
  • Knuckle reinforcements


Even though we have special gloves designed to provide warmth over the cold seasons, tactical gloves also come insulated but just a little. Unlike the other gloves, a tactical glove only needs to have little insulation so as to maintain their practical use (movement and dexterity). In fact, tactical shooting gloves are more exposed so if you plan to go shooting or for a combat during the cold season, it might be better to opt for the tactical gloves.


It might be a little more difficult going about tasks that require the detailed use of your fingers while having the tactical gloves on. This is because they cover the entire hand and they may not be really flexible as it would be when you use your bare hands. So in this case, tactical shooting gloves may offer better help due to their fingerless design. Some of them are stretchy and when not in use it might be even hard to think that your hands could fit in them.


Besides the padding, some gloves bear special materials that offer protection to the fingers, knuckles or palms. Choosing between either of these three will depend on what you intend to use the gloves for.


That pretty much sums it up. Hope you've enjoyed reading our round-up of the best tactical gloves available on the market and you've found a pair you like.

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