Best Suunto Watches For 2020

Suunto has long been known for creating award winning state of the art outdoor watches that have been relied on by both military personnel and outdoorsmen the world over.

Every person has his own personal needs that must be attended to. Therefore, I have created this guide to help you find the best Suunto watch to suit all your needs!

With so many different models that each have a plethora of different features and functions, it can sometimes be hard for you to select the right Suunto watch that is fitting to your lifestyle. For your convenience, we have narrowed down our search to the five best Suunto watches available today.

The Best Suunto Watches

Suunto Core


The Suunto Core is essentially the quintessential outdoor smart watch.

The watch has features for everyone from waterproof buttons for snorkeling and diving enthusiast to advanced altimeter and barometric functions for the seasoned mountaineer.

The downside to this incredible watch is that for its price it lacks GPS functions. There are similar watches made by competitors that offer the same features ata cheaper cost.

Despite the fact that this watch lacks GPS it is still a tempting choice when you are considering to purchase the perfect all-around outdoor watch for you.

The plethora of features combined with the aesthetic design and guarantee of quality and durability makes this watch one tough candidate to consider.

I would recommend this timepiece to the all around outdoorsman who loves to climb the highest peaks and dive to the deepest oceans!

Suunto Vector

Suunto Vector

This watch was designed with a large display that is easy-to-read with control buttons that are conveniently sized and positioned so that they are easy to operate even with gloves on.

It is obvious that this timepiece was engineered with highest quality components to ensure that the wearer of this watch is fully equipped with everything that he needs when embarking on his adventures!

The durably constructed watch boasts a tough plastic case and a rock hard plastic lens that was built to specifically stand up to extreme conditions! Among other models, this is Suunto's basic watch but it should never be called just a basic watch!

The Suunto Vector was built to be run over by a tank. The durability of this watch is unparalleled and has no comparison. This watch is packed with all the features that the outdoorsman would need such but not limited to an altimeter, barometer,and compass.

I'd recommend this watch to anyone who's looking to purchase a Suunto watch for the first time. Anyone wearing this watch will be able to see the quality that Suunto puts into developing and creating their timepieces!

Suunto Ambit 3

The Suunto Ambit 3 is the perfect watch for triathletes, indoor trainers, runners, swimmers, and weightlifters as it has special modes that specifically cater to these activities! The start menu of this watch contains options for timers, a logbook, a compass, and navigation.

Any athlete would be satisfied with the features that this awesome timepiece has to offer and I'm not even talking about the GPS capabilities that this watch also contains. You don't need to worry about the technicalities present when using this watch as Suunto designed the interface of the Ambit 3 to be extremely user-friendly! 

This fabulously made GPS watch is great for triathletes, walkers, runners, and swimmers! The user-friendly interface of this watch which is compatible to both PC and MAC software makes customizing, updating, and syncing data extremely simple!

I would recommend this watch to the all-around athlete that needs a reliable and durable watch that has GPS capabilities. You can't go wrong with this amazing watch that Suunto has tailor-made to suit the needs of all kinds of athletes everywhere!

Suunto M5

Suunto M5

Wearing the Suunto M5 is like having a personal trainer attached to your wrists as it is complete with adaptive training plans, a 7-day training plan, fitness test, a heart rate monitor, and motivational messages!

Whether you're a professional athlete or just a regular person looking to get fit, this timepiece is perfect for you! Any fitness buff would be sure to have the right tools equipped with him while wearing this wonderful watch!

The watch is an easy to use training watch that is complete with all the necessary features that you'll ever need when training! The timepiece's ability to guide you on during your workouts and keep you on track with your fitness goals make this watch the perfect training companion.

I would recommend this watch to anyone who is into fitness! It does not matter if the person using this watch is a professional athlete or just a regular person trying to get in shape. This watch is sure to have you covered when pursuing your fitness goals!

Suunto X-Lander

Suunto X-Lander Wrist-Top Computer Watch

This watch combines the basic ABC functions (altimeter/barometer/compass) with a super tactical military grade package. Whether you're a military man or an athlete, with this watch you're sure to be equipped with all the tools that you'll ever need in order to conduct whatever activity you're doing!

This timepiece is the ultimate option for any outdoor enthusiast as it comes with all the necessary features and functions to keep your active lifestyle going!

If you are looking for a military grade outdoor watch that has all the necessary instruments equipped with it in order to allow you to conduct your activities with ease then this is the watch for you! This Suunto has all the necessary functions that allow doing what you do best with ease.

I recommend this watch to anyone who is looking for a sleek outdoor watch that contains all the necessary advanced features that you'd ever need and has a great military inspired design! You are sure to be satisfied with this awesome tactical watch.

Suunto Watch Buyers Guide

All Suunto watches come with an array of different features that are specialized to suit the needs of military men, outdoorsmen, and athletes. It can sometimes be difficult to select the right watch for you due to the countless different features that come with every Suunto Watch.

For convenience sake, I have narrowed down the key features that you should look for when purchasing your Suunto watch.


This tool will able to let you navigate and pinpoint locations to safety during the times when you get lost. With this tool, you'll be able to find your way to safety even in remotest wilderness.


This tool allows you to track sudden changes in weather by keeping tabs on air pressure. You'll need this feature in order to help you make the necessary precautions to make your journey as safe as possible!

Automatic Alti / Baro Switching

This feature senses movement to automatically switch between altimeter and barometer modes. You'll find this feature useful when climbing as you'll be able to determine and record your ascent or descent in elevation.

When you stop to take a rest, your Suunto watch will be able to automatically switch to its barometer mode in order for you to keep track of the barometric pressure around you.


This tool will able to let you navigate and pinpoint locations to safety during the times when you get lost. With this tool, you'll be able to find your way to safety even in remotest wilderness.


The GPS feature that some Suunto watches have will allow you to pinpoint and record the distance you've traveled and your exact location wherever you may be. This feature is especially useful for cyclists, trekkers, military personnel, and wilderness explorers!

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