Best Military Watch in 2020

You'd reckon that you'd have to be in the military in order to need and own a military grade timepiece. The best military watch is known for its accuracy and ability to cope with extreme conditions, wouldn't you say that it is only practical to choose a timepiece that has these qualities? I know I would.

With so many military timepieces available in the market today it may be hard to be able to find the perfect military watch that suits your budget and lifestyle the most. In my search, I've narrowed down the top five best military watches currently on the market.

The Best Military Watch

Garmin Tactix 

Garmin Tactix

This GPS watch manufactured by Garmin is a force to be reckoned with. Designed with durability in mind, this watch has a plethora of features including GPS to ensure that you'll never get lost wherever you are on the planet.

Unlike most watches that use solar power or disposable battery, this watch opted to go for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that work for up to 50 hours on GPS mode, 3 weeks in sensor mode, and 5 weeks in watch mode.

This is the type of watch that would be perfect for your average Navy Seal. It contains a wide array of features that are not commonly possessed by watches of its category.

I'd only recommend this watch to a professional. It is not your everyday military grade watch and it is rather pricey compared to other similar military watches out there.

Timex T49612 Expedition Series

Timex Expedition Trail Series

For such a large watch I was pleasantly surprised to see that this watch is very light. I took the watch out to everywhere and subjected it to almost everything you can think of and still the watch works like it’s brand new.

I was not such a fan of the watch's design and olive green color simply because it was not my style but I grew into it eventually. I've also never had a problem with the watch comfort wise.

This watch is a great choice if you're looking to purchase your first military grade watch. The watch itself is very durable and lasts very long and is complete with all the necessary prerequisite features.

However, the watch's bands are rather delicate and they commonly break within a year or two of being used. If you live in an area where Timex service centers are rather far getting a replacement band may be a problem for you.

This watch may be the perfect starter military watch, I recommend that you watch this video and check out other reviews on this watch.

Casio G-Shock GA100-1A1

G-Shock GA-100-1A1

Living up to the classic G-Shock design, this watch is able to withstand massive amounts of water pressure and it can go down as deep as 650 feet below the surface! For convenience, the watch is equipped with aLED light complete with an afterglow.

The watch's bodily design allows it to be able to resist interference from nearby magnetic structures and devices. This watch is the perfect fit to match the persona of any strong man.

This watch is a classic G-Shock, where could you possibly go wrong right? This watch is the perfect watch for anybody looking to buy a great military watch with a great design. G-Shock is a known brand throughout the world and anybody who sees you wearing this watch will instantly recognize that you are wearing a tough watch.

Casio PAG240-ICR Pathfinder


A solar watch that packs a punch, this watch proves that Casio doesn't only have the G-Shock series to offer. This Casio is so versatile that it can fight off changes in weather, altitude, and pressure.

This watch also comes with a plethora of features such as an altimeter, barometer, thermometer, and compass to name a few. All features are easily accessible and are as fun to deal with as they are useful.

This Casio is the ideal solar military watch. The watch contains almost every feature that you'd need in order to survive in the wilderness or in any survival situation, the only problem with this watch for me is the budget factor. I'd recommend everyone looking to purchase a solar military watch to check this watch out, once you have this watch it'll be the only watch you'll ever need.

Luminox EVO Navy Seal


While this watch is not a digital military watch, it is a watch that pays homage to the military watches that our forefathers used way back. The timepiece may lack the features that the CASIO PAG240-1 has but what it lacks in features it makes up in quality.

This watch is made by Luminox which was known for their classic designs and quality of products. This watch is water resistant for up to 660 feet below sea level and it's night vision tubes provide unlimited illumination for up to 25 years!

If you are looking for a strong and durable high-quality military watch with a classic design then this is the perfect timepiece for you! You'd have to sacrifice several features that you could have if you bought another watch of the same price but would you have a watch of the same build and quality? That is a question only you could answer.

Military Watch Buyers Guide

The ideal military watch should contain all the necessary features and functions that would ensure your survival whenever there may be an emergency.

Most watches are designed with only aesthetics in mind, therefore, these watches may only serve as a hindrance and set you back when the need for a proper tactical timepiece arises.

You need a timepiece that may be able to cope with extreme conditions, you need a watch that has both practicality and durability and mind when it was designed.

Enthusiast usually prefers to purchase and use solar powered military watches due to convenience, practicality, and environmental awareness.

Since there are times when you may potentially rely on your timepiece during times of danger in order to be able to save your life, a normal watch may not be ideal since it lacks the necessary functions, features, and durability that you'll need to rely on.

I also have to mention that military grade timepieces are some of the most precise timepieces available, timekeeping is all about precision and precision is something that should never be compromised when telling time; having a timepiece that is not precise is like cutting with a blade with a dull edge.

Aside from the military, there are many fields and occupations that rely on military watches due to the said features and reliability of these watches when exposed to extreme conditions.

Kayaking, mountaineering, hiking, cycling, and skydiving are all examples of outdoor recreations wherein a military watch is needed.

Before you go out and purchase yourself a military watch, take the time to look and see what makes a good tactical timepiece.

A Barometer

A barometer measures air pressure and displays tendencies in the weather which may be useful to any outdoor enthusiast. Pilots may also need a military watch with a barometer in order to calculate atmospheric pressure.

A Thermometer

Any person who is on in the field and exposed to the outdoor elements would like to be able to know the temperature of his or her surroundings.

Thermometers on military watches should be accurate as people may rely on them during life or death situations.

Moon Phase Display

A moon phase display shows the current phase of the moon as you see it in the night sky.

As the moon orbits the earth, the moon phase display provides us with a graphical representation of time by allowing us to check the phases of the moon without looking at the night sky.

Water Resistance

You wouldn't want to see your watch stop working after getting wet, right? Water resistance is the ability of the watch to stay sealed and to prevent the entry of water from damaging the watch's internal components.

The typical military grade watch can withstand being subjected to high levels of water pressure due to being worn at low depths.

An Altimeter

Any outdoor excursion would not be complete without a compass.

Imagine heading out to the wilderness without any knowledge of the terrain and surroundings, just how would you get around without a compass?

Digital Compass

You wouldn't want to see your watch stop working after getting wet, right? Water resistance is the ability of the watch to stay sealed and to prevent the entry of water from damaging the watch's internal components.

The typical military grade watch can withstand being subjected to high levels of water pressure due to being worn at low depths.

Tide Graph Display

The tide graph display allows you to view the periodic rise and fall of water in the oceans, seas, lakes, bays, and other bodies of water. Changes in tides usually occur every six hours and are usually caused by the gravitation between the earth, the moon, and the sun.

Tide graph displays are usually most useful to sailors or any water-oriented outdoor adventurer.

Solar Power

Many manufacturers now offer solar powered military grade watches. Solar power has many advantages over the typical battery powered watches available in the market such as a longer battery life and minimal maintenance.

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