Best Luminox Watches in 2020

Watches have been part of the everyday lives of mankind for decades. It helps us keep up with the demands of our very busy schedules. Several brands have churned out quality watches, one of the most reputable is Luminox. 

Established in the late 1980’s in California, Luminox has set the standard high in watch manufacturing in terms of quality and functionality.

The icing on the cake that makes this line of watches become very popular across the globe is its reflective lighting panel which has the ability to let users tell time amidst a dark environment.

This feature will come in handy whenever you would go out in the great outdoors or on an overnight trip when you constantly need to be updated with the time despite decreased visibility.

Because of this unique feature, several tactical and military groups have sought the help of Luminox to make custom watches for them. This includes elite forces from the US Air Force and even Navy Seals.

If your main priority in a watch is quality, durability, convenience and functionality. You can rest assured that Luminox watches will never fail to deliver. So without further ado, here is a comprehensive list of the best watches Luminox has manufactured as of the moment:

The Best Luminox Watches

Luminox 3051 EVO Navy Seal

This luminous black colored watch features a notched unidirectional bezel equipped with white markers. In addition, it has the much needed date display placed suitably in the 3 o’clock position. The main panel is enclosed in a 44 mm Polyurethane case with a mineral dial window.

The display is in analog format and hand movements are in Swiss Quartz movement. It is equipped with a polyurethane band with its signature embossed logo and is secured by heavy duty buckle.

With it being water resistant to 200 m or 600 ft. Water sports athletes and enthusiasts need not to worry about getting this watch submerged in water. Whatever water activity you throw at it, it’s definitely is up for the challenge. rates this watch 9.5 out of 10.

Luminox Black Chronograph

Luminox Rubber Strap Black Chronograph Men’s Watch

The Luminox Rubber Strap Black Chronograph Men’s Watch is definitely one of the most striking among the company’s wide arsenal of quality watches. It has one of the sleekest design which will absolutely turn peoples’ heads, making it worthy of a second look.

This watch’s PC Case is reinforced with Carbon making it extra rugged and durable, assuring you that it is up for any harsh elements of the outdoors. It is also equipped with a durable band that is secured with a buckle clasp.

It features a jet black analog display which is run by Swiss Quartz movement making this watch very reliable. Being a staple feature of most Luminox watch, this product is water resistant up to 200 meters which makes it suitable for water sports enthusiasts.

Luminox 3059.SET Scroll Cassell

The Luminox Men’s 3059.SET Scoll Cassell Specials Analog Display Analog Quartz is a round watch with rotating bezels featuring bright markers for and hands. The analog display features a bright orange color increasing visibility for different lighting conditions.

For people who enjoy customization in their accessories, they will be happy to know that the purchase includes 3 additional straps. Allowing you to mix match depending on your mood.

The analog display is enclosed in a 44mm stainless steel case with mineral dial window for extra support. The display iss ran on Swiss Quartz movement ensuring you of accurate time. The watch is equipped with durable rubber straps secured with a buckle clasp.

To add more to this already amazing watch, it is water resistant up to 200 m. You can buy this awesome product at at a reasonable price of $359

Luminox 8821.KM Recon Pointman

Luminox Men’s 8821. KM Recon Pointman Black, Rubber Band, With Multi Color Accents Watch

This watch boasts of an extra durable enclosure made of anti-reflective sapphire crystal which measures 45 mm in diameter.

This will come in very useful in glaring sunlight which makes it very difficult to view the analog display.

As usual with Luminox watches, it is equipped with Swiss Quartz Movement ensuring you of accurate movement. As with the others mentioned above, it is water resistant up to 200 m.  

Luminox 3001 Navy Seal Dive

Luminox Men’s 3001 Quartz Navy Seal Dive Watch

The last entry of this list is the Luminox Men’s 3001 Quartz Navy Seal Dive Watch. This watch employs a Carbon reinforced case making it very durable.

It features a rotating 1-way diver bezel, the case back is equipped with reliable screws and a double-security gasket. The analog display measures 43 mm.

Lastly, it features durable rubber straps and is also water resistant up to 200 m.

Luminox Watch Buyers Guide

As told by many success stories by several popular companies, the company, Luminox was established by well driven, goal-oriented individuals who want to set out their own line of quality watches across the globe. Founder, Barry Cohen who is a veteran in watch manufacturing came across a Swiss self-powered illumination system that is able to make users see more of the watch’s analog display amidst low light conditions.

From here on, he met with a close friend of his, Richard Timbo and this meeting sparked the start of Luminox in 1989.

The name Luminox is based from the latin word light and Nox with means night in latin. Their vision was to create a series of watches that offer forward-looking technology with the use of luminescence and excellent readability for users without compromising on durability and most definitely design.

From then on, the company has been producing quality watches that are far better than the run of the mill sports watches available in the market nowadays.


As mentioned in the reviews above, it is clear that Luminox has definitely undergone careful research and made sure that their watches possess the necessary functions anyone would want in a watch. To pick a favourite out of these amazing watches is a difficult task.

But if we were to choose it would be the Luminox Men’s 3059.SET Scoll Cassell Specials Analog Display Analog Quartz because of its awesome interchangeable straps. The 5 watches mentioned above almost share the same specifications but what made this watch stand out above the rest is its customization features. This product has been earning rave reviews on the site

Picking a watch isn’t only based on durability, functionality, and design, but customization is also an important aspect. Nothing feels better than wearing a watch that reflects your personality.

You can learn more about this excellent watch in their website or from this well-thought review by Valencia Time Center.

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