Best G Shock Watch in 2020

The G-shock was built with Casio's dream of creating the indestructible watch. The iconic design of the watch lets you know immediately that one is wearing a G-Shock and therefore is not playing around. The combination of functionality, durability, and style makes the G-shock one watch that everyone should own at some point! This is your in depth to selecting the best G-Shock watch out there!

You'd think that all G-Shock watches are the same but over the years there have been numerous improvements that Casio has made in order perfect their design.

Since the first G-Shock was released in 1983 it has become a household name that is associated with a watch of quality and durability.

To make it easier for you to purchase the perfect G-Shock that suits your style and needs I've narrowed down the five best G-Shocks currently in the market for you to chose from.

The Best G Shock Watch

G- Shock GA110-1B

G-Shock GA110-1B Military Series Watch Black

This is a great choice when considering to purchase your first G-Shock watch. With the new metal elements and steal black color that Casio has added to the already popular GA 110 – X-Large G, this current model variant is sure to turn heads!

The improved functionality and reinvented styling of this model have been tailor made to suit the tastes of millennials and professionals alike.

This G-Shock exemplifies all the qualities that make up a good G-Shock watch. Despite the watch being durable, reliable, and stylish, it is also extremely affordable to anyone!

The long battery life of this watch is also a big plus because you won't have to go through the hassle of procuring a replacement battery as often. The only issue that this watch has is its glow in the dark feature which is less than satisfactory.

Overall, this watch is a great watch and it's hard to find any other watch on the market that can match up to what this watch has to offer within the same price range.

G- Shock GWN-1000E

This watch was designed with a water oriented theme. One could imagine wearing it while sailing on the open ocean due to its porthole inspired design that is both simple and stylish!

The features of this timepiece would leave any coast guard or navy personnel proud! This watch’s features which include a barometer, altimeter, compass, thermometer, and the moon and tide function was designed to perfectly suit the lifestyle of any person who loves the water.

This timepiece is the perfect kind of watch to pair up with your topsiders when sailing on your yacht on a sunny day. And sailor or person who's life or career revolves around the water would love to have this watch and the functions that it carries along with it!

I'd recommend this watch to any person whose lifestyle involves sailing, boating, diving, and swimming. This G-Shock Gulfmaster truly lives up to its name as a watch that is perfect for the water!

G- Shock DW9052-1V

G-Shock Men's DW9052-1V

The simplistic elegant design of this classic G-Shock is a great choice for men who wish to purchase a watch that provides great form, impact, and function.

The design of this watch has become a standard issue when it comes to G-Shock designs and the features that this watch has been somewhat improved since its release back in 2002.

If you want to purchase a watch that has a classic design which is complete with all the features and functions that you’ll ever need for everyday life then this watch is perfect for you!

The classic design of this watch is something that is sure to never go out of style. The aesthetics of this watch combined with all the necessary basic features that come with all G-Shocks are sure to keep you satisfied.

I recommend this watch to anyone whose style revolves around classic designs. The array of functions that this watch posses is sure to have you satisfied. This is another good choice when considering to purchase your first G-Shock timepiece!

G- Shock G7900A Rescue

This watch was specifically designed to withstand the harshest cold temperatures which make it perfect for winter sports junkies, polar explorers, or just people who are exposed to cold climates regularly.

The bright red color of this watch which stands out also makes it perfect for those people who love making fashion statements!

This watch is part of a new series of models that were designed to deliver a level of unmatched toughness and protection that has never been seen before in a G-Shock watch! I can guarantee that this watch was designed and engineered for the toughest and roughest activities.

The G-Shock G7900A is yet another great model that combines a beautiful tough build, a plethora of features, and great value for your money! The ability of this particular model to withstand temperatures up -4 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 Celsius) is a testament to the toughness, strength, and durability of this model!

I would like to suggest this model to anybody who lives in an area with a cold climate or anyone who loves winter sports!

Even people who do not live in a place with a cold climate would be able to appreciate this watch because of its aesthetic red color that is sure to turn heads! This watch is certainly one G-Shock to look out for.

G- Shock DW6900-1V

Best G-Shock Watch

This is yet another classic G-Shock that’s designed to transcend time. You’ll never be unequipped with the necessary tools you’ll need nor will you ever be out of style with this timepiece!

If you are easily frustrated with the complex control functions that modern watches mostly have, the classic design of this watch is the perfect for you! You’ll never complain of discomfort as the surprisingly sturdy plastic band was designed with the wearer in mind.

With this watch being designed to withstand the rigors of military life, who's to say that this timepiece can't handle civilian duty as well? If you are looking for a timepiece that isn't complicated and direct to the point, this is the watch for you!

The complete set of features combined with the stylish classic design of this watch is something that would suit anyone's lifestyle! I would like to recommend this timepiece to everyone who's looking for the basic G-Shock with the complete package of features and functions!

G-Shock Watch Buyers Guide

By the name alone you'd know that the G-Shock is shock proof. Aside from being shock proof, all G-Shocks are equipped with a stopwatch feature, countdown timer, backlight, and water resistance. Aside from the features stated, here's a comprehensive list of what to look for when purchasing the perfect G-Shock watch for you!

Solar Power

Solar powered watches seem to last forever. The rechargeable battery of the solar powered G-Shock models has large storage capacities that support the stable operation of various functions that require high electrical consumption.

You’ll never have to worry about your watch quitting on you because it no longer has battery power since solar powered G-Shocks have the ability to obtain power from the weakest illumination of light!

Atomic Timekeeping

G-Shocks with an atomic timekeeping feature can automatically adjust and correct their time setting. This feature is favorable for those people who find it a hassle to manually change the setting on their timepieces.

People who are constantly on the move between time zones would also love this feature!

Sensor Technology

Most G-Shocks contain three mini-sensors that sense direction, barometric pressure, altitude, and temperature.

Over the years Casio has strived to improve their sensor technology in order to provide its customers with the ability to effectively detect the sudden changes in natural phenomena.

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