Best Casio Watch in 2020

The Japanese company, Casio which has been known and renowned for producing quality timepieces since 1974 can certainly be classified as a world leader in the watchmaking industry. Since Casio produced its first watch, the company has strived to create the perfect timepiece. This is a guide that I've created to help you select the best Casio watch for you!

Casio has created several different kinds of watches that were tailor made to satisfy the wide range of lifestyles that Casio's consumers have. Whether you need a dress watch or a military-grade timepiece, Casio has got you covered.

In order for you to be able to select the best Casio watch that suits your needs, I have narrowed down my search to the five best Casio watches on the market for you to choose from!

The Best Casio Watches

Casio AMW320R-IEV

Casio AMW320R-1EV

This Casio combines the timeless look of a classic analog watch with the functionality of a modern digital watch. You’ll be guaranteed to be set for any event with the elegant and classic design of this watch that masks the digital capabilities that this timepiece possesses.  

The array of features that this beautiful timepiece comes with does not disappoint. You’ll be impressed to see that this watch has, a daily alarm, auto calendar, scratch-resistant mineral crystal, and water resistance to 100 meters.

This Casio is perfect for the person who loves to wear analog watches yet understands the need for the features of their digital counterparts. The aesthetic and elegant design of this watch is sure to be loved by everyone and the digital functions that it boasts are sure to keep the wearer of this timepiece happy.

I'd have to recommend this watch to anyone who is looking for a watch that is classic in looks but modern in function. This watch is just something that would suit both the old and young as it is the perfect combination old and new!

Casio A158WA-1DF

Casio Men's A158WA-1DF Stainless Steel Digital Watch

The retro design of this Casio is certainly making a comeback. Anyone who is inclined with today’s modern trends is sure to love this timepiece! The practical and stylish design of this watch is sure to compliment most outfits whether they be formal or casual.

Durability won’t be an issue as the crystal mineral glass used for this watch was built to be scratch and shatter resistant. The basic features including a stopwatch, alarm, date display, chronograph, 24-hour time display, and light up display don’t disappoint and are sure to come in handy to anyone!

Overall, the retro design of this watch that Casio has pioneered is perfect for the person who loves to keep in style! You can't go wrong with the durability and functionality of this watch since it was built with quality materials and it contains all of the necessary basic functions that you'll ever need!

I recommend this watch to anyone who is looking for a stylish digital watch that has all the prerequisite basic functions! The only drawback of this watch is its small size that may not be suitable for some people.

Casio F108WH Illuminator

Casio Men's F108WH Illuminator Collection

The tough design of this watch is reminiscent to a classic G-Shock but its simpler features and cheaper price are the factors that set it apart. Don’t let this watch fool you though, even if this watch isn’t a true G-Shock it was still built with the quality and technological features that Casio puts into all of its timepieces.

The basic features that this watch comes with are guaranteed to keep you set for all your activities while the aesthetic, rugged, and simple design of this timepiece is sure to keep you in touch with today’s trends!

This watch can be described as a little brother to the watches of the G-Shock series. The simple yet sturdy looking design of this watch doesn't only look the part. You'd be making a mistake thinking that this watch is just a cheap G-Shock spinoff.

You can't go wrong with choosing to purchase this watch which is complete with all of the best basic features that Casio has to offer. I'd recommend this watch to anyone who's looking for a quality watch with a manly design that has all the standard functions that come with any digital watch!

Casio Analog Sport Dive Watch

Casio Men's Sport Analog Dive Watch

The design of this watch was clearly inspired by the some of the more iconic classic dive watches around. This timepiece is perfect for those who are looking for their first dive watch due to its more than reasonable price!

The handy features of this watch which include but are not limited to a unidirectional bezel, luminous hour hands, and 100-m water resistance are sure to be handy to anyone wearing this watch. I recommend this watch to anyone who is looking to purchase a watch that is cheap yet well built.

For such a low price, this watch is truly a must have! Don't expect a lot of features though since this timepiece was only designed to be a basic watch. I'd recommend this timepiece to anyone who's looking for a basic watch that isn't expensive but was built with convenience, quality, and durability in mind!

Casio F91W-1

One could safely say that Casio redefined the digital watch industry when they released this game-changing  timepiece back in 1991! Despite this watch being released over 26 years ago, it is still currently very popular and in demand.

People love this watch due to its simplicity, reliability, and clean design that has stood the test of time! The basic features of this Casio are sure to keep your life convenient and the wonderful design of this watch is sure to keep you in fashion!

This watch is a must have due to the complete features, user friendliness, and classic design! For over 26 years this watch has been one of Casio's most popular models and it is even getting more popular today as millennials are getting more and more into classic designs.

I'd recommend this watch to everyone who is looking for a cheap, reliable watch that looks as good as it functions. This watch is indeed a must have for anyone looking to purchase the perfect Casio timepiece!

Casio Watch Buyers Guide

It can often be hard to find the perfect Casio for you since the company has come up with so many different models with so many different designs and features. Listed here are all the basic things to consider when purchasing your Casio timepiece!


It is obviously important that you should purchase a watch that is befitting to your sense of style.

Everyone has his own style, therefore, a person who is looking to purchase the perfect Casio watch should scout around to find the Casio which has the perfect design to fit his tastes!

Analog vs. Digital

The two main types of watches today are the analog and digital watch. The two types of watches greatly differ from each other and one should always consider the right type of watch to suit his needs.

Analog watches are perfect for the person who prefers classic and classy designs while digital watches are perfect for those people who need a watch with varied functions and tools. Casio also offers analog/digital hybrid watches that are perfect for people who’d love the best of both worlds on their wrists!


Material like style is a very important consideration for watch buying because it determines the feasibility of wearing the watch in certain settings. There are countless materials to choose from when purchasing a watch.

Gold and silver watches offer a luxurious look but they are often very expensive whereas plastic and resin watches are usually made for casual use and are therefore cheaper.

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