Best Assisted Opening Knives in 2020

In a market that continues to well up with all kinds of assisted opening knives, we’ve made it our duty to only pick out the best assisted opening knives for you. Many people actually have difficulties distinguishing an assisted opening knife from a switchblade knife.

Unlike a switchblade knife, an assisted opening knife is the kind that utilizes an internal mechanism to complete the opening of the blade from its partially opened position. A thumb stump joined to one of the sides on the handle is what triggers the blade into the partially opened position.

Put simply, the user will have to apply some manual pressure to put the blade mechanism into an open, locked or ready-to-use position. Whereas there are those who actually relish the fact that you only need a button to get the knife in a ready-to-use position, there’s the other majority who prefer the extra effort it takes to have the knife in a ready-to-use position.

The Best Assisted Opening Knives

Kershaw 1990X Brawler

Kershaw is one of the few steadfast knife-manufacturing companies where quality comes first. As you would guess, Kershaw 1990X disappoint. It’s a result of intensive craftsmanship as evident in its capacity to perform better than the majority of its counterparts.

The knife utilizes a SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism which ensures that the knife opens easily and fast. A manual push of its thumb stud or pulling back the flipper activates its assisted opening feature.

Never worry that this knife could slip out of your hands because it won’t, thanks to its glass-filled nylon handle. Together with the liner lock, you are assured of optimum safety while using this knife.

Another feature worth mentioning is the 4-position pocket clip feature which allows the user to position the pocket flip in multiple positions namely tip-up, tip-down, tip left and tip-right. With its excellent capacity, this knife is worth every coin you spent on it.

Zero Tolerance ZT0350ST

Zero Tolerance designs and manufacturers some of the most high-quality knives that continue to earn the trust of low enforcement officers, armed forces personnel, and discerning knife owners. They could be relatively expensive but the price easily matches its quality.

Zero Tolerance ZT0350ST comes bearing all the cutting plus piercing power you will ever require, in addition to a partially-serrated 3.25-inches blade for extra cutting versatility. Thanks to its SpeedSafe assisted opening feature, you will have an easy time using it even while having your best tactical gloves on due to its blade protrusion and big thumb stud.

The blade is made out of S30V stainless steel to make it strong and durable and it has a Tungsten DLC coating that reduces the friction drag while enhancing the blade’s hardness. Its textured matte black G10 handle gives it a good grip that helps to prevent slippage.

If you are ready to invest in a high-quality knife with unmatched versatility and capacity, look no further than the Zero Tolerance ZT0350ST.

TAC FORCE Spring Assisted Opening Pocket Knife

Tac Force Spring is one of the few high quality yet extremely affordable assisted opening knives in the market today. It comprises a straight-edged medium-sized blade (3.5-inches) with no notches and serrations. Therefore, you can go ahead and apply some pressure on the back of the blade just in case you are in need of extra cutting force. Its metal handle comes bearing an appealing matte black finish and this enables it to have the feel of a high-quality product.

The speed with which this knife flips open almost matches that of a switch blade. So it needs extra care and attention while opening it. The knife utilizes some spring action and so to open it, just pull on the lever attached to its blade. You can as well pull the knife open as you would a folding knife but this will require that you pull it until the locking spring is engaged before releasing it.

You can use this knife for different tasks. More importantly, it’s ideal for car owners as it has a seatbelt cutter as well as window break nub all of which could be helpful during emergencies.

Gerber Covert Knife

Gobert Covert Knife is an exceptionally fast and reliable one hand assisted opening knife packed with decent features that make it suitable for a wide range of uses. Its small size makes it lightweight and compact and it’s perhaps one of the reasons why many buy the knife for protection purposes.

The knife blends the ever speedy Forward Action Spring Technology (F.A.S.T) assisted opening technology with the classic Applegate-Fairbairn design and this ensures quick deployment of its blade. The titanium coated blade is strong enough to endure tough use and together with its G10 handle, you are assured of a firm grip when you finally put it into use.

More importantly, the manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty which simply shows the confidence they have in the knife’s ability to live up to the user’s expectation. To experience the best this knife can offer, go ahead and buy it today.

SOG Trident

SOG Trident is a perfect knife for everyday use and is known for its swift response when faced with emergency situations. The knife comes packed with all the nice features you will ever want to see in a quality assisted knife.

Thanks to the SOG assisted technology, you are guaranteed decent speed, safety and great usability while using the knife. SOG’s patented assisted technology will take over once you unfold the blade. High-tension coil springs will then prompt the blade to open making it easier for you to access with one hand.

Also, there’s an additional safety lock that provides added security while the blade is closed and it displays red when the knife is in a ready-to-open position.

The knife bears a 3.75-inch stainless steel blade specially built to stay sharp for a longer time. A proprietary titanium nitride coating enhances its toughness and makes it resistant to scratches.

An ergonomic lightweight design ensures the knife fits comfortably in your hand and the glass-reinforced Zytel handle prevents it from slippages by giving it a good grip.

Looking at this knife, it isn’t hard to tell that plenty of effort, skill and cutting edge technology was invested to make it stand out and extremely perfect for everyday life. As such, investing in this knife is a decision you will never regret.

Assisted Opening Knife Buyers Guide

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the many types of assisted knives available today and if you do, chances are high that you will make a wrong decision. However, we are determined to ensure this doesn’t happen. So read on to find out more about assisted knives.

Blade number

How many blades you wish the knife to have will depend on your personal preference or needs.  You have three options to choose from:

  • Single-blade knife
  • Multi-blade knife
  • Swiss army knife

Each of these options bears its own other special features. For instance, the single blade knife comes in multiple sizes and shapes and will be a great option for anyone looking to have an all-purpose knife. A multi-blade knife is an ideal option for those looking for various knife blades for different purposes. A Swiss army knife, on the other hand, bears a lot of other tools inside its handle and is also ideal for multiple uses.

Blade length

The blades come in different lengths. The categories include:

  • Small - under 2.75-inches
  • Medium – ranges from 2.75-4.0-inches
  • Large- over 4 inches

The kind of tasks you intend to use the blades for will influence the kind of length you will choose. For instance, light tasks only require a small blade length. Medium blades are perfect for any kind of task while the larger one works well for self-defence purposes.

Locking mechanisms

A locking mechanism is what helps to keep the blade open and in a position that won’t allow it to snap during use. An assisted knife can have any of the following locking mechanisms:

  • Liner lock
  • Slip Joint
  • Lockback
  • Mid lock
  • Frame lock
  • Ring lock
  • Lever lock

Liner lock mechanism: Manual pressure is used to get the liner back to its former position. To release the lock, the user will be required to relocate the liner to the side to pave way for the blade.

Slip joint mechanism: The slip joint mechanism utilises the tension from a flat or spring bar to hold the blade in place. Applying pressure on the blade triggers it to switch back to its closed position.

Lockback mechanism: This mechanism is a little old but still effective. It involves a locking arm that comes bearing a hook able to fit into a notch located on the blade’s back just behind the pivot. If you drag the hook, the knife will lock with a snap.

Mid lock mechanism: Currently one of the strongest locking mechanisms, it has its release mechanism right at the centre of the handle spine just close to the tip of the knife. Applying some pressure to the frame triggers the release mechanism.

Ring lock mechanism: It’s not only easy to use but also the cheapest and durable locking mechanism. It works by turning a ring wrapped around knife’s pipit to a position in which a break in this ring will let the blade to open. To close the blade, the ring has to be turned again.

Lever lock mechanism: A pin close to the pipit bolster helps to control the opening or closing of the blade.

Frame lock mechanism: Just like it is with mid lock mechanism, this release mechanism works when you apply pressure to the frame

Edge of a blade

When it comes to the edge of the blade, you also have different options to choose from:

Plain blade- perfect for skinning or shaving animals, performing cleaner cuts and pull cuts

Fully-serrated blade – Ideal for sawing and hard-cutting

Partially-serrate combo blade- a blend of plain blade and fully-serrated blade. Great for making push cuts as well as sawing


The cost of a knife will largely depend on the factors we’ve mentioned above, in addition to other factors such as the material used to make the handles and blades. Common materials include stainless steel, aluminium, Celluloid, Micarta, wood, Rubber, Kraton, just to name but a few. So all these factors will help you to narrow down on the knife that best suits your needs and this will certainly influence the pricing.

Another factor to consider is the carbon content. As much as it helps the blade to keep a great hold on an edge, it also puts it at risk of corrosion. So lower carbon content is recommended.  Not forgetting to mention durability (stainless steel is recommended), safety and comfort.

Once you have all these factors figured out, you will have an easier time finding an assisted opening knife that easily meets your needs. To get you started, we’ll list the most reliable assisted opening knives to have in 2020.


As we mentioned earlier, let your preference and needs guide you in identifying the perfect assisted knife. And as you do that, be sure to go through our list of the best assisted opening knives. Besides being versatile enough to meet the different requirements you may have, our selection comprises highly rated, reliable and quality assisted knives that have stood the test of time. Don’t hesitate to make your purchase today.

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